GeniusCentral and SPINS Team up to Provide a Competitive Edge for Natural Retailers

Retailers in the natural products industry will have access to vital ordering data, product movement and performance as a result of the partnership between GeniusCentral and SPINS.

Retailers partnering with these two companies will now have access to SPINS data inside their MyGeniusCentral account. The SPINS data will include All Commodity Volume (a measurement of overall market selling) and access to SPINS robust categorization and attributes for the product within the search database. This information will give retailers the ability to filter and find products on more than 15 attributes, providing insight into the industry in the moment they’re placing their store orders or planning the right product mix. This partnership will allow retailers to have the opportunity to make more informed buying decisions using actionable intelligence.

“Our partnership is focused on ensuring our industry’s retailers are successful. We have come together to mix the power of data with the ability to order the right products at the right time and optimizing inventory velocity,” said John Miles, CEO and President of GeniusCentral. “As this industry continues to grow, we want to equip our retailers with the tools to buy better and sell smarter to maintain their competitive edge.”

The SPINS Coalition provides the most comprehensive data in the natural products industry. This partnership will create the opportunity for more retailers to access this vital information.

“This is a unique partnership that allows SPINS and GeniusCentral to provide our industry with valuable data in an easy-to-access and simple-to-understand fashion,” said Tony Olson, CEO of SPINS. “Our retail partners have seen improvements in margins and boosted sales, and by implementing the GeniusCentral tools, their results can get even better.”

This partnership program is cost-free for retailers who are both GeniusCentral customers and members of the SPINS Coalition. By joining the SPINS Coalition, eligible retailers also receive access to the SPINS Reporting Solution, spanning insights into benchmarking, product opportunity gaps, assortment insights, and product and market trend reports each month and quarter. The companies look forward to providing even more services for their customers in the near future.

Retailers have access to these enhancements through Expo West as a preview. Sign up before March 7, 2015 to continue to have access to these enhancements with more to come. For information on how to join the SPINS Coalition, retailers can fill out the “Get Started” form on, or call SPINS at 847-728-5442 x 535.