Easy in-aisle ordering from the industry’s largest wholesale database

Profitability Starts Where Time-Wasting Ends

Your time is as valuable as your inventory. BUYiQ lets you maximize both. By creating all of your orders with one device, you can reduce your time spent ordering by 70%. BUYiQ also gives you access to thousands of deals and promotions to help you protect your margin. Why spend more time ordering than you need to? Get back on the floor with your customers . . . with BUYiQ.


Save Time

Eliminate the need for multiple order methods and streamline your ordering process with one easy-to-use device.


Save Money

Take advantage of thousands of deals from hundreds of suppliers available right at your fingertips.


Be a Better Buyer

Make better buying decisions with instant product info (price changes, sales, new items, discontinued, etc.).

Want to see how BUYiQ has saved our customers time and money? 

Simple Navigation

As a web-based software that runs on a variety of Android and iOS devices, BUYiQ uses the technology you’re already familiar with. With a quick tap or simple swipe, BUYiQ lets you easily access all the important information you need to place your order quickly and accurately.

Order History

Reduce out-of-stocks and avoid too much overstock with BUYiQ. Get order history at your fingertips and take the guesswork out of selecting quantity. BUYiQ gives you instant access to your past 6 orders for any scanned item.

Local Vendor

Give your local vendor ordering process an upgrade with the NEW Local Vendor Ordering add-on for BUYiQ!
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Sale and Product Alerts

Never miss a sale again! Product Alerts in BUYiQ give you the most important information about the products you’re scanning. Sales, discontinued items, and price change alerts can help you become a better buyer. With this valuable information available, you can make more informed buying decisions.


BUYiQ comes equipped with helpful filtering and sorting tools for reviewing your orders. Zero in on a particular order or easily locate miskeyed quantities with the Sort tool. Need to find something using more specific criteria? You can easily apply filters to individual orders or all of your scanned items. Filter by Quantity Errors, On Sale, Price Changed, or Discontinued and find just what you’re looking for!

*Prices displayed are not reflective of current catalog pricing

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