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BUYiQ with DetaSynQ
DetaSynQ officially launched in 2016, but as we move ahead in 2017, our retailers can expect some overall software improvements and some department-specific visibility.

Improved UI
BUYiQ is getting a facelift! In early 2017, our development team will be unveiling the new user interface, featuring a more intuitive, user-friendly design. We’ve taken the user feedback gathered over the last year and put it to good use, creating an improved user experience with a more modern and better functioning interface.

Improved Product Search
Soon, BUYiQ users will be able to search for a product in our extensive product database using many other product attributes beyond a UPC or SKU. Also, more relevant and accurate search results will be delivered to users. These improvements will give users a valuable tool in locating industry products requested by their customers.

Sample Center
BUYiQ users can now request samples for products offered by the brand they’re ordering right in the aisle. When creating an order, if there is an available sample offer for the particular brand you have scanned, an alert will appear – and with a quick tap, a free sample will be added to your order. Note: The sample may or may not be for the product that was scanned. This will allow users to discover new products through sampling. Users can also view all available sample offers in the sample center.

Special Order Requests
Another highly requested feature for BUYiQ was the ability to create a special order using BUYiQ in the aisle. Coming in 2017, users will no longer need to visit their desktop to create a special order for their customers, saving time and keeping the buyer on the floor with their customers.

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