Strategies for Success in the New Year

Strategies for Success in the New Year

Suppliers are gearing up for the new year. They are focusing on the strategies needed to achieve their objectives and overall goals for the coming year. One goal that always sits at the top of the list is increasing sales, either from increasing quantities to take advantage of promotions or from expanding product lines.

Genius Central offers solutions that allow our suppliers to leverage technology to help achieve sales targets in the coming year. Our interactive promotions make putting your brand front-and-center easy and affordable.

Get Your Promotions in The Right Hands

Retailers are always clamoring for promotions and aiming to source the right product with the right promotion. As all suppliers do, you have armed your sales teams and brokers with promotional deals to sell into retail. Volume deals, case stacks, new product placement deals, and cross promotions – oh my!

Reps and brokers pound the pavement conducting store visits, leaving behind sales material or promo flyers. Marketing teams scrape together retailer emails to send promotions. Inside sales forces make cold calls trying to reach buyers and notify them of deals.

So how do you keep your promotions top of mind with retailers when buyers go into buying mode? As more and more retailers are investing in technology to help them place orders, you have an opportunity to leverage the platforms they are using to order.

Did you know that over 1100 retailers use Genius Central’s ordering software? Or that over 80% of our stores are independents that take advantage of deals? BUYiQ, our in-aisle ordering software, delivers product content, pricing, and promotion data right into buyers’ hands. Utilizing platforms like BUYiQ to deliver automated promotions to independent stores is a way to work smarter, not harder – and to save a few trees!

In-Aisle Promotion Opportunities

We developed our Mix and Match Deals function specifically to help support a supplier’s in-field promotional strategy of increasing sales and/or extending their line. Suppliers wanting to cross-promote items, introduce new flavors and sizes, or just introduce a new product, can promote these deals to buyers with a BUYiQ Mix and Match Deal. Your reps and brokers have limited time to pitch new products and promotions to buyers. And what happens after your rep walks out the door? Customers approach and ask the buyer questions about the latest product talked about on Dr. Oz or why a product was discontinued. And your new product or deal…What was that product again? Getting your promotions back in front of the buyer is key.

Once the buyer returns to “buying mode,” Genius Central’s new Mix and Match Deals can come into play. As the buyer scans a product that you have chosen to cross-promote, the buyer will be alerted to the deal that your rep was just talking to them about. Not only will it trigger that recent conversation, but that buyer can then act on the promotion right in the aisle, increasing the total of their purchase order.

A successful business is one that stays focused on goals and uses effective strategies to achieve them. While the overall goals for our suppliers stay fairly consistent from year to year, the strategies to achieve those goals have improved with increased opportunities available through technology in retail.

BUYiQ gives your brand one more tool to help keep your deals and promotions front and center with buyers.