KeHE Announcement

KeHE EDI Now Available

Genius Central has partnered with KeHE as the preferred EDI provider for their new Digital Transformation Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to convert KeHE’s inbound supply chain to digital ordering. This makes it possible to deliver better retailer fill rates while increasing order accuracy, improving delivery times, and reducing spoils. As KeHE’s preferred EDI provider, Genius Central will help suppliers exchange order-related documents with KeHE via EDI with ease, regardless of their technical capabilities. This partnership allows for the digital exchange of critical order information such as pricing, quantities, shipment timing, and invoices — creating more transparency and accessibility across the supply chain.

Options for Suppliers

KeHE suppliers will have a few options available to them for achieving EDI compliance. For those who already have EDI systems in place or are working with third-party providers, Genius Central will provide support for testing and certify readiness to exchange KeHE’s required documents. Suppliers with more limited technological capabilities will use Genius Central’s user-friendly web portal, GCHQ. Suppliers can easily view, edit, and send EDI documents from this portal anytime day or night. Extensive training videos, user guides, and webinars are available to help suppliers learn how to use GCHQ. Also, our stellar Genius Central support team is always standing by to assist with any needs that may arise.

To best support their goals for this initiative, KeHE will have three EDI documents to exchange with their suppliers. These documents include the Purchase Order (850), the Order Acknowledgement (855), and the Invoice (810). The specifications for each of these documents can be found here. With these three core EDI documents managed digitally, the communication around order and fulfillment details improves, accuracy increases, and order transactions gain more visibility, thus benefitting everyone involved – from the supplier to the retailer to the consumer.

Genius Central EDI

If you are a KeHE supplier, and you’d like to learn more about becoming EDI compliant, please contact us at or call 800-360-2231. You can also click here to see our list of frequently asked questions.