KeHE Digital Supplier Ordering Program


KeHE Digital Supplier Ordering Program

Program Overview

As part of their Digital Transformation Initiative, KeHE has partnered with Genius Central as their preferred EDI provider. This partnership will help all KeHE suppliers get connected and start exchanging order-related documents via EDI with ease, regardless of their technical capabilities. KeHE believes that by digitally enabling the supply chain it will be possible to deliver better retailer fill rates while also increasing order accuracy, improving delivery times and reducing spoils. By creating a digital backbone for KeHE’s inbound supply-chain data, the critical information needed about orders, pricing, quantities, shipment timing and invoices can be provided via a digital platform easily accessible to all KeHE suppliers.

Program Benefits

Increase order and data accuracy

Improved communication on order and fulfillment details

Boost visibility of order transactions

Program Requirements

Your company, regardless of its EDI technical capability has options with Genius Central to meet the KeHE EDI compliance requirements. Depending on your company’s circumstances, you will choose one of the below options.

For suppliers without an EDI system already in place, Genius Central offers a user-friendly web portal that can be accessed 24/7 to view and process orders.

For suppliers with existing EDI systems or third-party providers, Genius Central will provide support for testing and certify readiness to exchange required documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Required Documents

KeHE will have three (3) core documents to exchange with suppliers. Below are the required documents in the link to the specifications.



Purchase Order



Order Acknowledgement




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