Letter From Linda: March 2019

It’s amazing that 2019 is flying by so quickly – but it seems that happens with time in general. This Fall, our company, originally Living Naturally, now Genius Central Systems, Inc., will be twenty – yes, that’s 20! – years old. Perhaps I’ll write more about those twenty years as I gain perspective looking back, instead of forward. Looking forward is what our entire team is doing every minute of every working day and we’ve never been more excited and challenged than we are today.

This year we will retire our original website service WebGenius. In part, we’re forced to because Microsoft no longer supports the browser on which that platform was built. In part, it’s the right thing to do, so we can focus 100% of our efforts on supply chain and data management solutions for retailers and their vendors. The business of natural products is so different today than it was twenty years ago. Nothing but our full-time focus will provide the innovation in the B2B space that we provided in the B2C space all those years ago.

Over the last almost nine months now, we’ve been expanding our EDI capabilities for wholesalers and direct suppliers in our industry. While doing this work, we’ve been listening to concerns about the technical challenges and costs, confusing and complex pricing structure, few benefits, and lack of human customer service amid the macro changes suppliers are adapting to driven by the pressure of multi-faceted retailer or etailer buyer demands. We’re not finished yet, but our goals are to provide easy to use, easy to budget, and always available service that understands the natural product supply chain better than anyone. We’re looking forward to more conversations with suppliers over the next few months that will highlight areas of needed improvement to gain better efficiencies and reduce cost. In the meantime, our new GCHQ is fully operational and processing EDI compliant orders between buyers and their vendors, attracting suppliers that want a change and a platform for the future to our new service.

In the world of Retailing, we’re undergoing a deep dive into the requirements for plug-and-play Computer Assisted Ordering (CAO). This smart quantity order solution will be able to drive greater inventory profitability to retailers and  provide better forecasting and more efficient fill rates for suppliers. With so many POS systems out there, it’s important that we can provide function, along with accurate supplier data that can be integrated and automated with a retailer’s chosen ERP and POS systems. An early part of this initiative is re-writing MyGeniusCentral.com to a mobile platform with a modern, clean user interface and truly relevant features that retailers can use on any size mobile device, be it iOS or Android. Already in use and under construction, GCHQ for retailers will be a year long effort that we hope to pilot in Q4 of this year and officially launch a year from now in 2020.

We’re interested in talking with you about the solutions that you could really use to help streamline and manage your supply chain. Please feel free to email me any time with your thoughts. If you have the time, I’d love to chat with you about the challenges you are facing and how you think we can help.

Linda Sheehan
CEO, President & Founder