Ordering from your local vendors just got smarter

Ditch Your Clipboard

Scrap paper. Fax machines. Busy signals. Ordering from local vendors has never been a quick and efficient task — until now. Give your local ordering process an upgrade with the new Local Vendor Ordering add-on for BUYiQ! Order electronically order from your local vendors with the same time-saving tool you use to order from your national brands.


Easy to Use

Quickly and easily load your local vendor catalogs into GCHQ for order in BUYiQ.


Saves Time

Electronically ordering from your local vendors using BUYiQ can cut your ordering time by 70%.


Saves Money

Reducing the time spent creating local vendor orders can also reduce your labor costs.

How Local Vendor Ordering Works

This easy-to-use, drag and drop solution seamlessly integrates with BUYiQ. Setting up your vendors is simple! New vendors are set up in GCHQ, or Genius Central Headquarters, with the information needed to electronically send your orders. Once the vendor is set up in our system, simply upload their catalog data. After the data has been validated by our team, it will be available in BUYiQ for ordering.

Increasing your locally-sourced products to stand out from the competition? Smart.
Ordering from local vendors electronically? Brilliant.