GeniusCentral Announces Founding Membership in IX-ONE™ Product Data Exchange

Founding Membership in IX-ONE™ Product Data Exchange

GeniusCentral today announced it has joined the IX-ONE product data exchange as a founding member and will encourage its supplier and retailer partners to join as well.

Launched in collaboration with key industry leaders and association groups, IX-ONE couples rich packaging data and images with a member base model to revolutionize the exchange of product information and images within the industry. IX-ONE strategically complements GeniusCentral’s long-term mission of providing actionable intelligence for industry retailers.

The IX-ONE solution scans a 360-degree product image and captures all product attributes to create a centralized hub for manufacturers to access and share product information. It captures more than 20 images and 500 data points per item, including label-based claims and third-party certifications, as well as supply chain and logistic information such as weight and dimensions. The product data and images are royalty-free for members, who can use, post and share their information from one centralized database.

“GeniusCentral is very excited to become a founding member of IX-ONE and collaborating with them to build the definitive product data and information exchange for the natural, organic and specialty industries,” said John Miles, CEO and President of GeniusCentral. “We will be incorporating IX-ONE’s vast database of product information into our core solutions so we can give our mutual clients access to the most accurate and well-maintained data out there and provide them with Actionable Intelligence based on their data. It is becoming increasingly important for retailers to have access to this type of database in order to remain competitive in this market. This foundation will enable us to do just that.”

“We are thrilled to have the support of GeniusCentral in our venture,” said Troy Benscoter, CEO of IX-ONE. “GC’s software solutions are in use by thousands of retailers. Its extensive client base is perfect for our initiative and company mission to provide clean, accurate and standardized product information and images to the industry. Our services complement each other perfectly. It’s great to have GeniusCentral on board and working with us to further continue to drive our industry forward.”


About IX-ONE

IX-ONE is a membership based platform, developed by The Data Council™, that provides independently verified and standardized product information to vendors, brokers, distributors, retailers and key partners in the organic, natural and specialty products industry. The solution allows its members royalty-free use of all applicable data and images to run their businesses including internal systems, marketing, billing and more. They physically handle and image every product annually including capturing all available data.