New Year, New Opportunities

Interactive Promotions and New Lower Prices

Lower priced promotion services are coming to our suppliers in 2018! We’ve made adjustments to the pricing structure and will be adding more value to our services through new interactive promotion functions.

The new interactive functions that will be released in 2018 will be visible to retailers within BUYiQ, our in-aisle ordering software. These new functions help support your pricing and promotion strategies, allowing you to effectively communicate your product and promotion details to retailers through our ordering platform.

  • The Mix & Match Promotion function is being developed as a result of requests from suppliers. Initially intended to allow suppliers to promote additional flavors, it allows a more general application as a tool to promote across a line and increase sales


  • Direct Order Notification provides retailers with an alert to encourage purchasing directly from suppliers. This gives suppliers greater control over pricing and offers the potential to increase direct buying relationships with retailers.


In addition to these new functions, Genius Central plans to provide a selection of data and analytics packages in 2018. We are restructuring and building a data warehouse which will enable us to provide more insight into aggregated retailer data. This information will be gathered from retailers participating in our network, and suppliers who opt in to these packages will be able to see more of who’s buying what and when.

Our supplier team is always looking for feedback on how we can be of greater assistance in helping to communicate deals and new products with retailers, and to improve order efficiency. If you have any recommendations or if you’d like more information about our supplier services, please contact us at 800-360-2231.