One Stop Shop

Is ordering a pain in the aisle? What if you could consolidate your entire ordering process, making it faster and easier — no matter how, when or where you do it? Genius Central’s Retail Order Management Suite let’s you do just that. This integrated suite of services is capable of handling all of your ordering needs – from the back office to the register. Learn more below about our time and money-saving solutions.



In-Aisle Optimization

Walk the aisle and order everything in your store, with maximum product information and a minimum of hassle.



The Data Integration Mastermind

It’s your data — put it to good use. Integrate everything from catalogs to orders to invoicing and more, all in one place.



Your POS Empowered

Turn your point-of-sale into a supercharged ordering beast with product data, invoices and more.

How it works

Using your approved product list through DetaSynQ, scan orders in the aisle with BUYiQ and see your own negotiated pricing and movement data. Get up-to-date catalogs and invoices downloaded right into your POS for simpler reconciliation and inventory management. Let Genius Central’s Retail Order Management Suite work for you in the aisle, across departments, and on your POS.

Connect the dots from the back room to the register and see what a profitable picture it makes.

About Genius Central

Genius Central provides effective, high quality, affordable supply chain technology and service to natural industry retailers and their vendors. Click here to learn more about how we can help your business grow.