Improve Out-Of-Stocks with Stocked not Scanned

BUYiQ’s latest feature is here to give retailers one more weapon to fight one of the biggest retailer headaches. Imagine this all-too-common scenario: you’ve finished your order and submitted it to the vendor, but hours later as you walk the floor, you spot a product you forgot to add to your order. It’s too late to add it to your already submitted order, and you don’t have enough to meet minimum with just one missed item. You’ll now have to suffer through a “hole” on your shelf, missing out on any sales of that item until it’s time to place your next order. BUYiQ’s new Stocked not Scanned feature can help you avoid this situation entirely.

When you open the Stocked Not Scanned screen in BUYiQ, you’ll see a list of items that you’ve previously ordered but are missing from your current order. The feature is vendor-based, so you’ll see a different list for each vendor order on your scanner. Stocked Not Scanned will show you products you ordered over the past 6 months, so you won’t forget to order those hot items that keep disappearing from your shelves. This new feature is meant to help busy buyers keep their shelves well-stocked and avoid holes.

According to Sylvie McGowan, Director of Sales Operations at GeniusCentral, Stocked Not Scanned is especially useful for stores with no Point-of-Sale system or who don’t have shelf tags. “Maybe they don’t have shelf tags on their shelves, or a shelf tag got destroyed or misplaced,” says McGowan. “If they’re out-of-stock already on that product and there’s nothing left to scan, they could be out of luck. There may even be no indication that there is an out-of-stock at all if another facing of a neighboring product was pulled into that missing item’s place. The Stocked Not Scanned feature would jog their memory of what filled the gap and allow them to easily add that product to their order.”

All users can easily access Stocked Not Scanned in BUYiQ. You’ll find the link on the Review page for each vendor. Just tap on the Vendor name to see the items in each order and tap on the link for Stocked Not Scanned. Once you are viewing those items you missed, you can quickly tap on the product name to add it to your order. It’s that simple! Say goodbye to those annoying (and revenue-losing) holes on your shelves. Contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-360-2231 x2 if you have questions or need assistance.