Supply Chain Simplicity

With nearly 20 years in the natural product industry, Genius Central is ideally suited and uniquely qualified to help suppliers maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. Whether you’re looking for assistance with order automation, catalog management, or brand recognition, we’ve got your back.  Depend on a single, trusted source to connect you to over 1000 retailers in our network and watch your business grow.


Data Management

Catalog & Product Data Control

Share your product catalog, pricing and deals with thousands of independent and natural buyers through SupplierGenius.


Digital Marketing

Brand Promotion Services

Promote your brand and generate leads with our interactive promotions and point-of-purchase targeted marketing.


Order Processing

Flexible Order Management

Electronic order delivery and automation services to reduce order errors and improve order cycles — saving time and money.


EDI Compliance

Affordable & Hassle-Free EDI

Flexible setup, compliance and consultation services, with top-tier customer support every step of the way.

Catalog and Order Management

Be In Control Of Your Product Data

Our online platform offers suppliers a single location to upload and publish catalog data, pricing, and deals to independent buyers placing orders through our mobile and web platforms.

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Digital Marketing Program

Promotion Services

Promote your brand to thousands of independent buyers in Genius Central’s network. Unique campaign offerings, program engagement tools, and interactive point-of-purchase targeting helps drive lead generation and expands brand reach.

Order Processing Services

Flexible Order Management

Genius Central’s order processing services allow suppliers to automate the management of product data, pricing, receipt of purchase orders, and order status, thereby reducing operational costs and errors, and increasing profits.

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EDI Services

Compliance Made Easy

With no per-order or hidden fees, Genius Central’s EDI services provide you with a solution to fit your company’s specific technical capabilities. Genius Central can help streamline the EDI process and easily fulfill your trading partners’ EDI requirements.

Retail Order Management Suite

Get efficient with Genius Central’s Retail Order Management Suite! With BUYiQ, DetaSynQ, and OrderLinQ, you can save time, get control over your data, and enhance the power of your point-of-sale. See your own negotiated pricing as you scan every item in your store with one device. Get catalog data and invoices imported right into your POS for quick ordering and easy reconciliation.

Retail Order Management Suite Video

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