Our Call: Take it ‘Wall to Wall’

In 2017, one of our retailers called for the ability to order ‘wall to wall’ without any hangups, hiccups, or hassle. And we couldn’t agree more. In fact, we’ve been working since 2015 to do exactly that. A big challenge? A lack of standards across all departments. But is that stopping us? No.

Making One System to Cover the Whole Store

Universal Product Coding (UPC) covers a lot of products, but its goal of being THE system just hasn’t happened. Many stores are still relying on outdated ordering solutions or special systems for each different department. Departments, such as produce and bulk, often rely on PLUs rather than UPCs for ordering – forcing buyers to switch a different ordering method just to get their order completed. Trying to get entire industry sectors to change just isn’t going to happen. That’s why instead of changing the industry, we choose to adapt to those systems and meet those industries where they are – coming up with the smart solutions that can streamline what can’t change to create a new, continually improving, retailer-simple system that works.

One ordeRING to rule them all

It’s the Holy Grail, Frodo’s Ring, a master key. Pick your favorite analogy, but that’s what we’re after: the one seamless system that can handle the ‘must have’ specifics of every department. An all-encompassing system that’s easy to use anywhere in the store. And we have many of the pieces in place in the form of our super suite of solutions that include BUYiQ, OrderLinQ, DetaSynQ.

But we are not content to stop there. We’re now working on adding perishable departments like Deli and Dairy, and specialty departments like Beer and Wine, to the solutions enabling an unprecedented level of insight and control. Together with our retailers, we’re working to overcome their issues and provide a superior solution with a measurable ROI.

‘Whole Store’ Perpetual Inventory and Computer-Assisted Ordering is no pipe dream

It’s what we’re working on every single day. We’re expanding well beyond wellness and grocery departments with system enhancements that can accommodate just about any kind of order velocity, product type, and legacy industry standard. And we’re working closely with customers to better understand their needs in order to create the best solutions possible. As you know, the difference between a store that’s a success and one that’s about to close its doors often depends on how efficiently they manage their inventory.

Everything we do, and every solution we create, is focused on that efficiency. Working smarter, and more profitably — that’s what Genius Central is all about.