We Speak ‘Ordering.’

EDI, FTP, API — Any order, automated.
The bridge between every ordering system out there.


In the world of ordering, it’s crazy out there: Retailers use one format, distributors another, and if you’re incredibly lucky, they integrate seamlessly with your existing system. Unfortunately, with the many different systems, processes, and file formats in the field, when it comes to a seamless, automated ordering system, no one’s that lucky-unless you’re working with us.

Don’t worry about the language. We speak them all.

We can talk tech all day long, but it’s far easier to understand what we do, and how it can save you time and money, by looking at the problem this way; All of your customers’ ordering systems speak different languages. The challenge is, some may be speaking yours, but many of them don’t. And that’s why you need someone on your team that can help you easily and painlessly automate your ordering process.

And that’s exactly what we do:
streamline your ordering process
so you can quickly forget what a mess it used to be.


If you’re someone who enjoys understanding the minutiae of digital file formats, transfer protocols, and international standards for public-key certified blabbity blah, we’re happy to break it all down for you. But our primary goal is handle all of that stuff completely, serving you only the information you really want to know. EDI, AS2, VAN, FTP, API — we take care of all the acronyms, creating all necessary connections and translation bridges between the many systems that are necessary to enable you to process orders faster, work smarter, and best of all, and be more profitable.

A few large suppliers (you know, your competitors) are trying to close the loop and make the system connections needed. But not all companies have the internal talent, time, resources and money to make such efficiencies happen. We think this isn’t fair at all.

As longtime specialists in the natural products industry, and enthusiastic advocates for every kind of natural products supplier operation, we want to bring the kind of efficiencies our services were built to achieve and deliver them to the people and companies that can use them most.

Automated Ordering System Benefits include:

  • Electronic Order Record
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Extensive Retailer Network
  • Standardized Custom File Formats
  • Electronic Shipping Notifications
  • Electronic Order Acknowledgments
  • Customized Order Delivery (via EDI, FTP, API et al)
  • Supply Pipeline Visibility


We’re “all in” on EVERY Order Automation — so watch this space!

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